What Washington’s Kids Need to Weather the Crisis of COVID-19 and Beyond uses U.S. Census data to show how families have been affected by the pandemic. Drawing on Washingtonians’ experience from prior recessions, the report recommends progressive revenue and other forms of state and federal support to weather the health and economic storm.

The State of Washington’s Kids 2020 combine data about child well-being with the expertise supplied by Washingtonians working hard to improve child and community outcomes across the state. Their responses have informed the analysis and solutions. Read the brief “Investing in Assets to Build Economic Security for Kids of Color” and “Ensuring all Kids Experience Optimal Oral Health.”

In the 2019 Equity Challenge, a statewide population-level statistic—the percentage of kids deemed ready for kindergarten—helps us understand the barriers to opportunity that Washington state’s children face. We challenge policymakers to move policies and investments that work to reduce and eliminate the racial and ethnic disparities evident in the data.

Our State of Washington’s Kids 2018 series looks at how kids of color are leading our state into a more racially diverse future. Through this series of data profiles and research briefs, KIDS COUNT in Washington seeks to address the fact that too many kids have never been well served by old structures that disproportionately channeled opportunity, education and prosperity along lines of race.

Hundreds of other indicators on child and family well-being are available at the KIDS COUNT Data Center.